The goal of TELECOMUNICACIONES J3G., CA, is everything related to the provision of telecommunications services, subscription television cable distribution; manufacturing, distribution, marketing, import and / or export, purchase, sale or installation of instruments, devices, components and electrical parts of the telecommunications system.

In general it may carry out any other activity directly or indirectly related to the main object and, finally, may engage in any other commercial or industrial activity legally in.


“Provide comprehensive telecommunications services to national and international level, cost-effectively, using appropriate and advancing technology, skilled human resources and quality control, in order to create maximum value for the organization, contributing to the development of a business competitive and still maintain the satisfaction of our customers“.


“Be leader and the best choice in the provision of integrated telecommunications services, based on satisfying the requirements of customers and staff, in order to ensure a strategic relationship that will contribute to maintaining a culture of quality customer service with market positioning as a vanguard organization”.