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Coaxial Super Flex 7/8" Cable

7/8 "Super Flexible Coaxial Cable is a type of RF coaxial cable that is used to transfer RF signals from one point to another that allows precise flexion and manipulation when necessary in tight spaces. Typically, this cable is used as the mainline for mobile communications base stations, distribution systems in construction, antenna lines for various wireless communication systems, jumper cables to connect to an antenna of transmission equipment. It incorporates high-tech polyethylene foam insulation technology To minimize signal loss and has excellent electrical characteristics such as low damping and low reflection coefficient.

Specification - Construction

Inner Conductor Copper coated aluminum wire Φ 8.89±0.1 mm
Dielectric Foamed polyethylene  Φ 22.5±0.25 mm
Outer Conductor Corrugated copper tube Φ 25.0±0.2 mm
Jacket Black jacket, halogen-free thermoplastic halogen-free  Φ 27.5±0.25 mm
Coaxial Super Flex 7/8" Cable

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