TELECOMMUNICATIONS J3G offers products for infrastructure and telecommunications facilities of different recognized brands among which are: 

    • Emergency Power Plants for electricity generation in 3x120 / 208 Volt
    • Connectors N for 1/2" & DIN for 1/2" 1 5/8" y 7/8" to Super Flex cable, Splice, BNC Connectores for Microcoaxial,
    • Heliax Cables for 1/2,1 5/8" and 7/8"  Super Flex for Jumpers, rígid Cables 1/2", patching for FLEX DSX,
    • Towers Installation Accesories, Line Arrestor, Grounding Kid, Boots input (pass Wall) Hangers, insulators, patching for FLEX DSX, BNC connectors for micro coaxials, among others
    • Brackets and support accessories for metálic structures, antennas, and equipment.
    • Galvanized Bolts and nuts

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